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The Great White Shark- Mystery of the Deep We must save the Sharks! Every year millions of sharks are left to die in the wild oceans because of the SHARK FIN SOUP! Sharks have been the top of the ocean predators since the age of the dinosaurs. Now they are on the verge of being extinct! What a shame on our part that we are not taking steps to save them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: endangered, animals, sharks, ocean, fin, fishes, soup
gpjmumbai-drishikag Mixed Media
SMS Sharks I try to contribute to my community, and to my school as well. This is the logo of the middle school in Salisbury. I was asked to copy it on to a large banner for the school's basketball team because they were attending an out of town tournament. Once I took the banner paper and painted the logo as big as I could in the centre, the principal...
nevermore23 Painting, Acrylic