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Wolf in sheep's clothing Ever since the beginning, Nature has trusted mankind with its resources. It has trusted us to care for everything it has given us. And every time, we have used its resources with false promises of protection, calling it “Mother Nature”. Each time, we have betrayed it− we set nature’s trust ablaze, both metaphorically and literally. Humanity has...
Tags: climate change, Suncity School, india, global warming, save earth, pollution
clannapurna Painting, Oil
Sheeps in the Alps From my trip to the Julian Alps in Slovenia two sheeps posed for me ;)
Tags: mountains, julian alps, alps, sheep
urssulasss Photography, Colour
Sheeps posing in Alps Another pair of sheeps posing for me in the julian alps
Tags: mountains, julian alps, alps, sheep, animal
urssulasss Photography, Colour
The Imprisonment of Sheep Sheep are easier to manage and protect from predators and the dampness of the Ontario winter, if they are kept in pens with shelter for the winter months. (By Courney VanKampen)
chengzhao1993 Photography, Colour
Vendel the sheep Vendel, the sheep lives in a village called Zengővárkony in southern Hungary. He was too interested in my camera... :-D
eszter Photography, Colour
We are All Sheeps to The Shepards of Information I was just plyaing with my cell phone camera, exploring my creative side and now I'm submiting this by Alberto's request.. Featured in the picture, the Sheep, 2 International Calling Cards and the Saturday's October 18th edition of the Globe and Mail.
diogo Photography, Colour