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Shell-قوقعة A mixture of Sounds, Emotions & Colors gather together & Create a Shell of a Human's Minds. In this exhibition I deliver to you the Shell of the Palestinian Human.

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Protect My Ozone Shell !! Soham Acharokote of Grade IX, Swami Vivekananda International School, Pawnar, Wardha, Mahrashtra, India, has expressed his concern about the depleting Ozone layer through this art work
Tags: #globalwarming, #decarbonize, #savetrees, #saveenvironment, #protectozonelayer
clannapurna Mixed Media
DanYang Cai—— My little Paradise Use of stone, shell, bubble, paperboard, to be Use of stone, shell, bubble, paperboard, to be coloured and pasted . It is my little paradise.
JiaHuang Collage
Sea shell Using GEX500 digital camera
Tags: eyselpeyt, tiged
heifezi Photography, Colour
Lamp This picture is about a lamp from Russia.
Tags: green, shell, dome
JURI Photography, Digitally Manipulated
spiral-technology, shell of the spring in the form drop houses. Novelty project- use local material available; the moss, fabrics insulator heats 3D polyethylene, sheets of the veneer, and packing frame of the metal of the steel wire was formed on base of the structure gene and DNA. The Surface of the building was going to minus welding and minus drill. Portable frame-based like gene,...
JURI Computer Graphics
Shells are people too. These little people are made of tiny seashells, rescued & glued together. (Did I mention that they're riding a motorcycle?)
Saraher Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Niger Delta OR Shell Delta? The Ecological WAR which Shell Oil started in Niger, Delta was not only war against Ogoni people but it was also against the humanity, against the enviroment and against the nature. Ken Saro Wiwa said thats why he started a fight against one Company with eight Ogoni People.Unfortunatly he was hanged, he was finished but his struggle could not...
ali83yasir Computer Graphics
shell rescuer
JURI Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Baby With Shells A pic of my nephew changed to 'charcoal effect.' I love how it made his little lips so dark. He's also wearing a little cowry shell hemp necklace I made him. He looks like a little surfer baby in it. He wore it all summer! :)
ilovebobmarley86 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
jenergy Photography, Black and White