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Shoes Port-au-Prince February 2010: The tent city at Ecole St Louis de Gonzague had 12,000 tent dwellers. Situated right beside a MSF installation, tents sat inches from each other.
Tags: ccrp, haiti, tent, shoes
Liamjod Photography, Colour
Blue Shoes of Mum My mum's first shoes in austria 1934.
mia123 Painting, Acrylic
Mason's shoes The shoes rest on the wall that the mason has half finished. They have small dwellings, but for others they can make large villas, and tall buildings. Isn't there hardwork enough to give them their respect?
awaqeel Photography, Colour
A pair of shoes How many people in the world have the purchasing power to buy a pair of shoes...people without shoes is a common sight in the third world isnt surprising as they aren't even able to make for the meals twice a day, but we seem not to change we simply forget it when we go to a designers shop, for the boots in fashion...If we cant...
awaqeel Ink, Pen
Shoes My new shoes, simple, warm, good quality leather..and cost no more than a dollar...Can't believe! But a poor man cant think of more....he works all the day and only then he gets them ...but this comfort will only give him pleasure if he gains respect for his efforts...not sighs, sympathies or stares....
awaqeel Photography, Colour