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online shopping kerala Buying goods from the market is called shopping. Shopping is a one kind of activity in which the peoples browse the product. And searched for presented product. And select suitable for their product. All products are available for the online we not rounding into the market and not buying the different things in different shop .they are always...
DA Program 2014-2015 Orientation Workshop
Have A Heart Pet Shop MS172 625 Final Project
Marrickville Shops
The Bishop Strachan School
shopping and preparation of the dish
Creativity Workshop @ A Stroke of Art Artworks from Creativity Workshop at A Stroke of Art

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We belong- Art Work Workshop Participants We Belong
YouthFirst Photography, Colour
Leadership Creative Workshop - Art Workshop Youth First Workshop
YouthFirst Photography, Colour
Workshop in Ghana Here, I prepared to teach a few community youth kpalogo drum making in 2014. And to demostrate the application of my new research work entitled "Drumming prevents HIV and hepatitis B"
Tags: good
solidrockassoc Sculpture
Workshop Participated in a workshop named "Global Sanitation Fund for Parsa Distict ODF Campaign, Nepal Organized jointly by UN- HABITAT, Birgunj, Nepal and Red Cross Birgunj,Nepal
Tags: odf, participation, awareness, leadership
UPES 3D Graphics
7yrs boy opareting street shop Bangladesh children
Design Photography, Colour
Did they mean to leave it like this? This is not fake, this shop window really was left like this.
Tags: tom, laine, maniquin, statues, leaning, sit, sat, model, limbless, naked, erotic, window, shop
catflap108 Photography, Colour
AFRICAN SHOPPING African Shoping (Available) ORDERING:
gorCreativearts Ink, Pen
Climate Change Photoshop It shows the effects of climate change on the globe and the need for us to address the underlying reasons for this problem to be able to curb further damaging effects like food shortages.
carthy Photography, Digitally Manipulated
HABITAT-Workshop "SPHERE HOUSE". THE STEP for sustainability. We have found one of the branch of the Milky Way spiral-spiral galaxy. The Material and energy in journey in spirals. It Is Encoded in our nature DNA. Using spiral principle DNA for design of the houses. The Priority Project-author of the patent in 1991 "Folding frame-based shell netted rotation and model to usefulness of the...
JURI Computer Graphics
Shopping Centre This could have been anywhere in Europe, it was the most modern part of Vilnius by far. I might even say it looked quite futuristic. Don't ask me why I decided to take a picture, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Rapscallion Photography, Colour