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Cenforce 100 tablets – Work, Dosage, Side Effects How you feel impacts every important day of your life. We know what is for what reason we’re centred around being your most confided in a partner as you continued looking for health and flourishing. Our site gives quality nonexclusive meds delivered straightforwardly from the USA. Our goal has been to convey secured, generic medications at a...
From Residential Schools to Reconciliation: A Celebration of Art & Writing As part of Alberta’s Project of Heart, students from across the province are invited to share their writings and artwork that depict their understanding of the people of Alberta’s journey towards reconciliation. The celebration is open to grades 1 to 12. Participants may submit works of art, poetry, film, video or writings in this celebration....
Bayside Finished Vendors!!
Dublin- Bayside Ms Duffy's Class Food Cart
Parkside working on food cart
Bayside have "Plant lift-off"!!
Inside India These photos were taking during my field research in India.
Outside the Borders Tnis exhibit is dedicated to the photos I shot during my trips out of my country, Egypt.
The Other Side

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Earth on the Other Side #decarbonize
Millpond Markers
Viewing from the Positive Side of 2020 While I sat down in front of my camera, revisiting the timeline of my life since April...I shared with the audience a summary with everything that I have accomplished in that time being. With the hope to make them come into the realization that this year also had its benefits and that there’s no point in giving up now since we all have made it...
Tags: #UrgentInc, #faceexperience, #pandemic2020, #2020experience, #themiamifoundation, #thechildrentrust
woodnicolas22 Mixed Media
Outside For some people, the outside is almost like a stranger to them nowadays. Ever since quarantine started, people are now required to work from their homes in isolation. This can have some negative and positive effects on a person's mental health, and the photo shows an example of a point of view of how a person views quarantine. From working at...
Tags: "outside, black and white, laptop, indoors"
CHernandez02 Photography, Black and White
Waterside Beach Exploring Albert County’s true beauty during Covid-19.
livlipton11 Photography, Colour
Choose Your Side It is you who chooses your lifestyle. Nobody else actually influences it. Choose to be green or choose smog!
Tags: Yourdecision, yourchoices
kristinemarija Mixed Media
One inside the other//the bad one inside the good one By polluting your head, you also pollute the world. Before smoking, please, think about the meaning of your deeds to your health, to the health of other people and the health of our Earth.
Tags: Helathforourearth
kristinemarija Mixed Media
Pick a Side This art was created by a first grader at Bullis Charter School in California, USA.
anushkasrinivasan Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Two Sides of the Earth This art was created by a first grader at Bullis Charter School in California, USA.
anushkasrinivasan Drawing, Pencil
We still have the power to choose in which side we want to live! If we do the right thing we can save our planet and live symmetrically with nature.
Tags: brazil, brasília, Tupi Guarani, ClimateChanging, airpollution, droughts, floods, saveourplanet
ingrid2209 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Inside This is a draw that I did by myself :)
suiwing Ink, Pen