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Wrath of the landscape The answer to the misuse done due to reckless use of fuel, plastics, and tons of environmental pollutants is a huge uproar from the nature. The deteriorating global natural resources, endangered species and water scarcity are the examples. "Wrath of the landscape" in 30 x 30 cm deep cancas, acrylics
Tags: artist divya sekar, acrylic, canvas, deep canvas, red, blue, silver, metallic, ochre, grey, wrath of the landscape
Divyasekar Painting, Acrylic
Silver fish
sweetdarshita Painting
Silvery Moon The central theme in my painting is the search for stillness, the sort of profound and lucid calm that is the result of meditation or contemplation; another main theme is the relationship between humans, the ocean, and the atmosphere. The intent of my work is to create an ambiance where the spiritual dimension of this relationship can be...
hamlet279 Painting, Acrylic
Pittwater Bay - Silver Morning - Sydney, Australia, November 2001
Jarra Photography, Colour
Pittwater Bay - Silver Lining - Sydney, Australia, January 2003 On cloudy day the sky ripples with a silver lining as I stand on our balcony and shoot out North across the Bay.
Jarra Photography, Colour