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Inspiration sleep Pencil on paper, 30 cm / 40 cm
Tags: illustration, pencil, paper, art
iovraluca Drawing, Pencil
Sleepy Cat my cats that loves to sleep on a cold floor especially to display whenever we are around.
Tags: cats, eyselpeyt, trilles
heifezi Photography, Colour
horses by Narek
Tags: girl, n13, narek, horses, sleep
NarekTumasyan Drawing, Pencil
Muri wanting to sleep :)
eszter Photography, Colour
sadness sleeping she's sad ,tried hard to sleep .she slept ,but her heart still broken .Try to feel her sadness on her face .forgive me in lengths .
coolkama Drawing, Pencil
The Balancing Act: Sleeping on a tree I took this photo in Dar TZ. It focuses on the challenges facing the youth. It was in the morning when everyone else is headed for work. These guy probably din't have where to go and opted for the comfort of the branches
libole Photography, Colour
Sleeping man This is my favourite view from the house in Trenta (part of TNP). Since i was a child i saw an old man sleeping on a mountain. Do you see him too?
urssulasss Photography, Colour
AND MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP..... In todays world there is so much of inequality.... some hv all the luxuries while others have to strugle for bare survival...'sharing' is a virtue we should all develop.
kshetrymadhu Photography, Colour
A city that never sleeps I was looking outside one night, when I realized... look at all those people going by. A thousand faces, a thousand lives, millions of thoughts... It's the beauty of the world, and I can watch it right out of my window.
maryanne2001 Photography, Colour
A pigeon sleeping inside one of Luxor temple's pillars The Luxor Temple has been over thousands of years an official habitat for many species of birds. This pigeon has found "safe heaven" in that pillar for spending its night!
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour