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Quintero In this artistic representation, I wanted to show a problem that affects my country, my region and especially my compatriots who live in this area of ​​sacrifice. The area of ​​Quintero over the years has been contaminated by industry and entrepreneurs who do not mind polluting the beaches, the air, and the lives of the people who live in this...
Tags: climatechange, soccer, beach, plastic, Decarbonize, Decolonize
madeleineveas Collage
Soccer in Morocco ! This picture sheds light on a stadium that reflects the importance of soccer in Morocco and the passion of thousands of people for this sport !
yassirovich Photography, Colour
CEasar Computer Graphics
Soccer champion
CEasar Computer Graphics
bdbmagic Drawing, Charcoal
Tunisian soccer supporters Tunisian soccer supporters
marouen Photography, Colour
Soccer a game of Adams Dream Soccer means a lot to me since day 1, I started playing when i was you that is why it means a lot to me
microspaceboy Photography, Colour