Submissions (14)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Safe and Sound I made this on artrage
buca15 Computer Graphics
Speakers Thump in the trunk!
Tags: 5 senses, sound, sca, photography, sy
ericseen Photography, Colour
Beyond Sound
clarita Computer Graphics
Sound Your Yawp Inside each of us is our True Voice, and as Walt Whitman says we need to Sound our 'Yawp' My work expresses my own inner voice.
abstractloft23 Mixed Media
The sounds of Music This painting was done from a picture took of me holding a guitar. As you can see I took all but my hand out of the picture, leaving only the guitar and design to be seen. I really enjoy this painting mainly because the use of line and rapid movement employed through squigily lines.
JamesGallardo Painting, Acrylic
Soundwave study An early study for my soundwave project. I feel it reflects a modern and contemporary theme.
JimHarris Painting, Acrylic
Soundwaves A musical painting. New technology
JimHarris Painting, Acrylic
Soundwaves 2 I began to create a visual language at this point for specific sounds in my music to be translated onto the convas. I was also deciding specific colours for specific moods
JimHarris Painting, Acrylic
Sound A darker and more spooky addition to the musical art series.
JimHarris Painting, Acrylic
5 Track - soundwaves A multi canvas piece from the soundwaves series. The multi canvas allows for more depth in the painting as there is depth in music
JimHarris Painting, Acrylic