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SOUP'ER CHOWDER - Dublins Sustainable Vendor's

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Eating pumpkin soup Pumpkin soup in Haiti is very special. We eat it on Sunday before church. All the kids in Haiti Ocean Project come together to enjoy this soup.
Tags: pumpkin, soup
haitiocean Photography, Colour
The Great White Shark- Mystery of the Deep We must save the Sharks! Every year millions of sharks are left to die in the wild oceans because of the SHARK FIN SOUP! Sharks have been the top of the ocean predators since the age of the dinosaurs. Now they are on the verge of being extinct! What a shame on our part that we are not taking steps to save them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: endangered, animals, sharks, ocean, fin, fishes, soup
gpjmumbai-drishikag Mixed Media
Primordial Soup As a child raised by both science and agnosticism, I don't feel I was ever given a set of religious or spiritual icons to color the way that I percieve the world around me. As an artist I have to continually look to the outside world for inspiration and subject matter in order to achieve some amount of universality to my work. This painting was...
bec93035 Painting, Acrylic