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SOUTH AFRICA - 1989 [ front view ] "south africa, 1989"- again; prejudgement reduces the capacity to love, and consequently, to be loved; [ a denial of roots is deadly to the foundation.]... height - 58 inches - width - 36 inches - depth - 29 inches... view all side on
transcenderarts Sculpture
SOUTH AFRICA - 1989 “south africa – 1989” -things to do- don’t buy their diamonds, don’t but their gold, boycott them, directly and indirectly, spread the word, [ supply and demand.]… passive resistance, [ remember gandhi,] think, feel, change things… art should help catalyze change and change should lead to progress… think less about this artwork than...
transcenderarts Sculpture
Vist the wild life in South Africa This guy has a great look; I want to Skack his handle.
wahooe Photography, Colour