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Submissions (6)

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dredzija Photography, Colour
Crashing Stones for Survival A lady along with her baby crashes stones at Nalugala stone quarry, Wakison district in Uganda. The issue of trying to earn a living especially among women is a hard challenge that needs serious attention. The World Bank has through the womens association come in to help by funding them so as to start better income generating activities
p-30 Photography, Colour
stones signed
acharsley Painting, Acrylic
Stones in the Wall
yaelhelen Painting, Acrylic
Loneliness of Stones It is not nice, when the beautiful shores of Black sea covered with concrete. This picture was made in Crimea, in Feodosia. At the beginning of the 20th century beautiful sand was damaged and covered with stones and concrete, that to build a railway. It helped people to survive, and to increase economical level of their life. But shores were...
Shashnia Photography, Colour
mysticmerlin Painting, Oil