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Human Rights Violations can be stopped also in Germany( pl Help) I know this is not easy for the world to believe.But that is the point! Germany builds its buildings of HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS on the innocence and ignorance of the world We all have thought Holocaust was Yesterday.But it isn't!! It ended up with DEATHS and PAINS But what after that??Peace? Freedom? Prejudice, intolerance and denial of...

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Stop global warming We have shown a baby polar bear holding an umbrella, sitting on his mother. They are trying to protect themselves from the strong rays of the sun. The hot colours are showing the extreme heat.
Tags: environment, climate change, ocean awareness, global warming, Suncity School
clannapurna Painting, Acrylic
Stop the heat The polar bear's home is melting under its feet!
Tags: environment, climate change, ocean awareness, global warming, Suncity School
clannapurna Mixed Media
STOP POLLUTION This image explains how man-made pollution is making humankind an extinct species just like whales.
Shaheen1213 Drawing, Pencil
STOP CLIMATE CHANGE This image gives an account of future effects of Climate Change.
Shaheen1213 Painting, Watercolour
Stop the Fire This art was created by a eighth grader at Bullis Charter School in California, USA.
anushkasrinivasan Drawing, Pencil
Save our trees, stop deforestation An art representation by Chibuikem Udonsi Js 1 student of Federal Science and Technical College Orozo which shows the cutting trees for firewood in his community without aforestation.
jojoblossoms Computer Graphics
Save Trees - Stop Pollution Shrikrishna Biradar of Grade 10, Jaihind Public School, Udgir, Maharashtra, India, shares her concern about the importance of saving the trees to save lives by stopping pollution
Tags: #saveenvironment, #savetrees, #decarbonize, #globalwarming, #protectozonelayer
clannapurna Mixed Media
Save Water - stop Pollution Omkar Balaji Waghmare of Grade 7, Jaihind Public School, Udgir, Maharashtra, India, shares his concern about wastage and misuse of water and polluting the rivers by effluents from Industries
Tags: #savewater, #stoppollution
clannapurna Mixed Media
Stop the Chop! We need to stop cutting down trees to help combat climate change!
Tags: climate change
Aisha-Maalim Drawing, Pastel
Stop the drip, Save the drop! Art by students of grade 5, Suncity School, Gurgaon, India. Description: Do not let water overflow. Conserve water.
Tags: india, Suncity School. Clean, green, environment, save water
clannapurna Drawing, Pastel