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Storms Shifting from fear to excitement, storms have always fascinated me. To me, they represent change, new start. They surface my most inner feelings. I’ve always loved watching the rain, the dance of the tree limbs on the wind, listening to the thunder, all in perfect synchrony.

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STORM view of storm,nature clamities,destructioin after new formation,in the world,
Tags: global gallery
barun58 Painting, Acrylic
Dig In Brainstorm We as a whole class did a brainstorm on unit 3 project just before we started planting our seeds.
KeysMeadow Photography, Colour
Dig In Brainstorm
KeysMeadow Photography, Colour
Which Future Would You Prefer? This painting presents the same young girl in two different scenarios; the first in a future where society has taken on sustainable practices, and the second in a future where business has continued as usual and the human race is suffering the consequences: climate chaos.
Tags: green, wind turbine, electric car, life boat, tornado, neglect, disaster, saviour, society, flood, storm, snow, sunshne, waterfall, sustainability, environment, youth, landscape, love, nature, global warming, climatechange, children, art, paintings, stillife
Chelmo Painting, Acrylic
Climate Bird (2009) Climate Bird (2009) "Even small, insecure and may be unable to manage its immense task. Its equipment is sparse - the navigation is extremely difficult. It is not jet born for this complex mission and winds will become storms and catastrophes will get more violent. We should equip it with everything it needs and monitor its flight concentrated...
Tags: climate change, bird, environment, symbolic, storm, sky, instrument, navigation, wind, colours, bernd wachtmeister
wachtmeister Computer Graphics
Algonquin Summer 2008-The Storms part 1 The season's are changing in Canada --wetter, hotter, and shorter summers, and longer, snowy and colder winters. This documents the storms of the summer 2008.
christinelynes Photography, Colour
Algonquin Summer 2008-The Storms part 2 Fire-Red Reflections of the Giant Spruce Trees in the water of Tea lake, Algonquin Park
christinelynes Photography, Colour
Algonquin Summer 2008-The Storms Night Fall near Algonquin
christinelynes Photography, Colour
Sand Storm After visiting the American South West and Mexico and viewing all the turquoise jewelry I began to imagine strange things about the substances we dig from the ground and the importance or value we place on them. This almost a dream about how these minerals got there and the destruction it takes to get them out and to what end?
nandrye Mixed Media
Inner Storm1
ferreiradearaujo Painting, Acrylic