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Day without car vs normal day in Bogota The present image represents what our reality is and how we would like it to be, we express our wish to reduce the pollution by promoting how Bogota is when the day without car occurs. This event is done twice a year, and is has proved that the public transport systems have to improve and reduce the amount of cars that move through the city.
Tags: buses, cars, pollution, streets
JulianaSG Drawing, Pencil-crayon
At the Market, Nikolai Church At the Market, Nikolai Church, Watercolor, 11,6x15,9 inch, 1996, 180 Euro.
Tags: squares, churches, streets, at the market, nikolai church, realisme, germany, urban architecture, watercolor
heiste Painting, Watercolour
Улочка старого города (40х30) Streets of old town Холст/картон/масло
Tags: Улочка, старый, город, фонари, вечер, холст, масло, street, old, city, lights, night, oil on canvas, contemporary art
baltina Painting, Oil
hit the streets game We played the Hit The Streets game as a whole class and came up with some interesting ideas :))
KeysMeadow Photography, Colour
Educating the Streets
alexismae Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Flood On the Streets! One of the devastating effects of climate change is Flood. During heavy rainfall, most rural communities suffer some setbacks as people get easily displaced from their homes, roads become flooded making it difficult for motorists to pass through, moreso, school children are restrained from going to school because of the flood. This makes life...
Olowotee Photography, Colour
Streets I went on to explore the surrounding neighborhood; some of the architecture was really nice, but much was tinged with graffiti, lack of repair and vandalism.
Rapscallion Photography, Colour
Streets With No Names Bourbon, the center of the French Quarter in New Orleans.
pebbles Photography, Black and White
streets of ny this painting is the st of ny the busy peolpe meet everyday.some late for work some take the bus and cab. enjoy
adrnmtc123 Painting, Acrylic
Sorrento Streetscape With the morning sun just coming over the hilltops, the rain on the streets of Sorrento catches the light.
Karis Photography, Colour