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Defining the Struggle for Peace The theme for April 2003 was Peace & Conflict. For the contest, the Global Gallery ran a contest entitled, "Defining the Struggle for Peace", we wanted you to share what you thought of peace and conflict in the world, in your country, or in your community, and to help to increase awareness and understanding through your artwork!

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Struggle of the Spirits Struggle of the Spirits
draganrivas Painting
Article 14: The Somali's Struggle for Life This image depicts a refugee trying to escape the current war in Somalia. As she seeks refuge in neighbouring countries, she is denied entry to wherever she goes, and is forced to return to the hostile environment of her homeland. This is a current issue in the Middle East. Thousands of Somalis flee their homeland each year in hopes of finding...
Tags: somalia, refugee, refuge, futile, yemen, struggle, for, life, saudi arabia, war, oman, gulf of aden, persecution, political instability, violation of, human, rights, passport, entry, denied, woman, peace, article, everyone, has, the, right, seek, and, enjoy, other, countries, asylum, from, mark, belan, religion, humanitarian, haven
markbelan Painting, Acrylic
The eternal struggle 2 mixed on canvas 36x48
pintubiswas Mixed Media
The eternal struggle mixed on canvas 48x36
pintubiswas Mixed Media
Santal Hul : Freedom struggle The painting is an expression of the liberation movement. The pattern is inspired from the “santal” tribal art. Santal are the indigenous people of India. Hul is a Santal tribe term. It means a movement for liberation. Santal Hul [1855] was one of the fiercest battles in the history of Indian freedom struggles causing greatest number of loss...
jamal Computer Graphics
struggle and life It reflects the struggles an Indian women faces in her life.
jamal Drawing, Pencil-crayon
In The Struggle!
pscornerstone Photography, Colour
The Struggle This small plant caught my attention and reminded me of how important it is to persevere against seemingly impossible odds.
beeboh Photography, Colour
Struggle Sometimes our biggest obstacles are ones we put there ourselves.
saraheirons Mixed Media
You need now Struggle My work is the expression of myself and projection of the world. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about the situation in the world by sharing my poems. <br /><br /> Would like to reach out as mush as possible people from around the world, to get to know, listen and share our vision, feelings and thoughts about the world we have...
Shavkatpeace Photography, Black and White