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Russia: Perfection Studio, Udachny, Yakutiya
Russia: Kapelka Studio, Kazan изостудия "Капелька" Центра внешкольной работы г.Казани
Russia: Zebra Studio Изостудия "Зебра" Дворца Культуры "Химволокно" Рук. Арзамасцева Ирина Владимировна
Russia: Fantasy Studio, Samara Муниципальное образовательное учреждение дополнительного образования детей Центр детского творчества «Радуга» Нефтегорского района Самарской области направляет для участия в конкурсе художественных работ «Россия глазами молодежи» следующие работы воспитанников студии изобразительного искусства «Фантазия» (руководитель Дьяконова Светлана...
ART STUDIO ART WORK This art exhibition shows the art work maded in Art Studio workshop from the members. The students which are working in art studio are talented selected group of young people who are folowing the classical art values and our art traditions form like are icons. We are welcome any art lovers here!
Studio My Attic Studio

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3D Architectural Hotel Exterior CGI Design 3D Architectural Hotel Exterior CGI Design and Animation by Yantram Studio.
Tags: exterior, architectural, cgi, design, residential, commercial, property, industrial, hotel, rendering, 3d walkthrough, visualization, animation, studio, 3d rendering, 3d exterior rendering, 3d exterior visualization, 3d exterior design
yantramstudio Mixed Media
JURI Photography, Colour
Studio Corner
Stridefull2 Photography, Colour
Studio Detail May 2006
Stridefull2 Photography, Colour
Studio Wall
Stridefull2 Photography, Colour
Studio Detail
Stridefull2 Photography, Colour
Studio Corner The studio corner. I have been trying to study for exams, but the painting is jealous. I resort to it, enslave myself to it, what else matters now.
Stridefull2 Photography, Colour
Studio Corner Many paintings stacked and behind other paintings, in corners, underneath tables, in windows and under carpets. There are also clothes, brushes and sketch books with thousands of drawings and sketches that I will wish to show. I want to be able to reveal to you the truth of a life and of lives around us. The life of literature, faces and places,...
Stridefull2 Photography, Colour
Studio Window The studio is becoming a prehistoric cave. Anyone who now enters I take their hand and imprint it on the wall with charcoal. It is a spiritual silence as I spread their fingers to get in between. It has become a monastery of writings, words written in the early dawn. The words we don't know why we write them, we just do. We want the spaces to...
Stridefull2 Photography, Colour
My Attic Studio My life has been an ascent and descent of attic stairs. Those wooden stairs are ancient, like climbing a step pyramid, so steep, and forget about sneaking in late at night because my parents could here anybody climbing such stairs, even at the peek of their sleep. On your way up these stairs, you'll see drawings that I did when I was 7 or 8 or...
Stridefull2 Photography, Colour