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Hint Of Sunshine - Spencer Bouchard 2012 Canadian Winner - CWF "Get to Know" Contest "Hint of Sunshine” Spencer Bouchard Age 15 Halifax, NS
Tags: nature, cwf, gettoknow
JulieGao Photography, Colour
Beauty This picture shows a girl with the sun shining on her skin.
Tags: canon 450d, girl, nature, sunshine, summer
fly Photography, Colour
Sunshine Breaking through the Clouds
vk4vimalkumar Photography, Colour
Boracay sans sunshine Boracay is a crazy place during the summer. But it's August today and a soft drizzle has just begun. Languidly, people retreat to their huts where coffee and conversation wait to be enjoyed. Rain in Bora is good. :)
mela Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Catching Sunshine Poverty in the Apartheid days.
elmoreart Mixed Media
Let There Always Be Sunshine Created by students ages 12-14 years old at Vilnius Zemyna Middle School in Lithuania. Winner, Global Youth Murals Project 2005
PTPIGYM Painting
Sunshine in Scotland! I took this one just by pointing the camera and pressing the button - it was an experiment, I really didn't know how it would come out. It seemed to work though and this is one of my favourite photos from Stirling, where the 2005 World Youth Congress took place.
Rapscallion Photography, Colour
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind The film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind stuck with me in a good way and a bad way. It was so brutally honest about relationships, it made me feel pessimistic. A second viewing made me feel optimistic! I guess relationships are hard and sometimes damaging but we all keep going! This particualr scene in the film speaks volumes to me, hence...
Redfox Painting, Oil
Waiting The Ray Of Sunshine this is the image of our generation waiting for a better development
Odie Photography, Digitally Manipulated
My Sunshine This was originally created as a wallpaper. It was made for the love of my life...My Sunshine. I tried to visually and passion.
diosaperdida Computer Graphics