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Acceleration I always love contrast, and in this picture I chose contrasting colours, times of day (sunrise, sunset, midday), and locations (four different places). They narrate a story by moving through time and space, and I combined them to create a swirling sensation around a shrinking planet.
Tags: acceleration, world, ecological, footprint, mosaic, colour, swirl
pinkink Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Entrapment Swirl (print)
abiliciouz Print
Swirling Falls Here is another view of Niagara Falls through one of the wrought-iron grates. Something about the swirling shape seems to coincide with fluidity and chaos of the water.
beeboh Photography, Colour
Swirlyville A place, very sweet + idyllic (slightly dark) where every one
ainesse Computer Graphics
tanglewood Painting, Acrylic
Pittwater Bay - Blue Flame Swirl - Sydney, Australia, January 2003 Standing on our balcony and shooting West, back across the escarpment. Lit by the setting sun, a bank of cloud burns like molten metal in stark contrast to the gathering storm cloud overhead and the stunning blue sky beyond.
Jarra Photography, Colour
duj Mixed Media