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Mopani Picket 1 World AIDS Day 2009.mpg TAC Activist Shouting Viva and Amandla before handing over the memorandum of demands to Mopani Mayor and DoH District Acting Manager
Tags: tac, tac mopani, activists, activism, limpopo, mopani, hiv, aids, fight hiv, demontration, health for all, voices of the people, access to arvs, rural hiv access
AdamMalapa Photography, Colour
TAC Mopani Sexual Assault Picket.MOV Members of TAC Mopani picketed outside Ritavi Magistrate Court in support of a 13 years old girl who was raped by her step father. TAC will support this case until justice is served.
Tags: tac, mopani, picket, march, activist, demand justice
AdamMalapa Photography, Colour