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5 Years of TakingITGlobal: I AM TakingITGlobal Has TIG become a part of your day to day life? Have we become ‘inseparable’ after 5 years? The purpose of this photo contest is simple. We want you to take TIG with you. Take TIG with you on the highway, on the subway, mountain climbing, to the beach, to the top of the Eiffel tower, anywhere! Just print the specially-made contest sign “I AM...

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Bandeiras de todos Representamos as bandeiras dos países que também estão fazendo a oficina sobre o que é pertencimento. O símbolo da Vaga Lume está no meio.
Tags: diversidade, pluralidade, pertencimento, oficina, takingitglobal
VagaLume Painting
TakingITGlobal TakingITGlobal is my mentor. A school from which I benefit a lot from. A solution provider that inspired me, informed me and involved me. This is saying 'thank you' in my little language!
Tags: impact
ekwuruke Drawing, Pencil
Amy's Borneo campaign to help great apes I was interviewed by an Australian Newspaper, detailing the project and what is going on in Borneo and the desperate situation of the orangutans and forests there. 9/3/11
Tags: orangutans, forests, deforestation, deforesaction, borneo, palm oil, takingitglobal
Ames268 Print
TakingITGlobal in Urdu TakingITGlobal written in Urdu
awaqeel Ink, Pen