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Seventeen Services Inc. Website : Address : 12203 Quaker Ave. Suite 17, Lubbock, TX 79424 Phone : +1 806-787-8533 Commercial and Residential Architecture, Design, drafting and plans. Licensed architect in Texas and Colorado. Instagram : Twitter :

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Be Responsible This art is about how we need to take responsibility for how the environment become dirtier because of human behavior.
Tags: responsible, art, teen, environment
kevinayusuf Computer Graphics
Tags: ronan parke, unified hearts, axel javier, hiv, aids, youth aids concert, united kingdom, concert, event, orlando, florida, united states, youth, teen, cure
AxelJavier Mixed Media
Mask: Teen Suicide by Amy Little Teen suicide is a worldwide problem. I've tried to show that most of the bullying that eventually leads to suicide happens over the internet. I've included a list of words spread out over the mask representing what most depressed teens feel as well as representing what they think of themselves: words such as "worthless, unwanted, unloved,...
Tags: teen suicide, bullying, depression, teenagers, youth
JNeville Sculpture
Obama as a teen Obama as a teen
clarita Computer Graphics
Teen Murti Nehru Memorial, New Delhi This is the famous Teen Murti Nehru Memorial in New Delhi, home of India's first Prime Minister Pt. Nehru. The house has been converted into a museum and it still retains many of his personal belongings.
anuriandima84 Photography, Colour
Teenage Porn at Amsterdam Central Station I took this photo at a AKO magazine shop in Amsterdam Central Station because it was unbelievable to me that these pornography magazines could be displayed. The Convention of the Rights of the Child ( an international treaty --legally binding--which the Netherlands signed) forbids the exploitation of anyone under the age of 18, and especially...
pebbles Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Atwia Teen
kwessy Photography, Black and White
Smells Like Teen Spirit "It is better to burn out then to fade away..." Kurt Cobein (1967-1994) Nirvana a tribute to the man who never finished what he started...
Luisa13 Painting, Acrylic
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle this is Donatello from the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"...he's a cool turtle! :P
breslin Drawing, Pencil