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on tent Having noodles .
Ngimanuru Photography, Colour
Life is full of Potential Artist(s): Ngayau Kamuli Organization: Arid Lands Information Network Each one of us has potential in life.This project shows a seedling photo with a caption that reads 'just like this seedling, life is full of potential, it is how we exploit it that defines our future'.The message being passed across is that each one of us should recognize...
ayv Photography, Colour
Life needs your attention! Some people are easily waste their money while Si Mbok (old lady who's selling healthy traditional beverages) is trying to look for some money just to continue her life and also her family. #ironic
Tags: social justice, how to survive
yuwita 3D Graphics
Shoes Port-au-Prince February 2010: The tent city at Ecole St Louis de Gonzague had 12,000 tent dwellers. Situated right beside a MSF installation, tents sat inches from each other.
Tags: ccrp, haiti, tent, shoes
Liamjod Photography, Colour
Additional Proof West Milford Police in NJ USA POSSESSED INTENT To Kill Jill (Me) Additional Proof West Milford Police Tried To Kill Me It was in this emergency snow storm in the late 1990s when I was attending William Paterson College in Wayne NJ I was living where this photo was taken on the corners of Route 23 North & Oak...
lpcyu Photography, Colour
attente d'un client Alphose Cisse
mariesperance Photography, Digitally Manipulated
charlatent Lancinet Sangaré
mariesperance Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Nature is Not Out of Disability, Need More Attention and Care Picture has taken from Manikganj highway, Bangladesh.
green Photography, Colour
Attention-Getter Spongebob
catzpaw Photography, Colour
JURI Cartoons