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Communities around the world
All for peace in the World! We all want peace in whole World!
change the world. if you want to change the world . first you should have change for your self .
The World Colours Display of my appreciation for diversity through my own original works.
Cultural Expressions Around The World Over 25,000 highschool students from across Ontario attended the Youth Empowerment Event held at the Skydome on Thursday April 5., a not-for-profit youth online organization, was one of the outstanding volunteer associations and booths at the event. Submissions from a contest the showcase team developed, entitled...
Native American [includes all indigenous from around the world] An art exhibit of my indigenous inspirations.
Art of the world.
The tiny little pieces of the world These are just the pieces of the world surrounding me. Caught by accident, they are often the only remnants of what my eyes got to see...
Heal the world ...of her wounds and scars.

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Save The World and The World Will Save You I draw an Earth with half Sea-Blue and Sky-Blue because i think in the Sea-Blue part (down), the Earth it's still in a best condition like the plants is growing better, or Sea with a less litter, and but in contrast, in the Sky-Blue part (up), the Earth's condition is changing into bad. There's building everywhere, our plants can't growing...
Tags: earth, environment, art, sea
kevinayusuf Markers
The world's real face The earth on its own is beautiful, we are the ones killing it.
marisolssv Painting
Save the Girl Child in the world Safura Sayyad of grade 8, Jaihind Public School, Udgir, Maharashtra, India expressing her thoughts about saving the girl child which is a perennial problem in India
Tags: #savethegirlchild
clannapurna Drawing, Pencil
Don't kill the world. Art by Kalyani Voleti, Art Educator, Suncity School, India. Description: Air, water pollution by man threatens the future of this planet. A plea to Man to open his eyes, see the devastation he is causing...
Tags: india, Suncity School, global warming, climate change, greed, destruction
clannapurna Painting
Peace in the World We belong
YouthFirst Painting, Oil
We Need to Bring peace in the world The Painting shows that the peace birds moving around the world which mean that that we need to bring peace in the entire world. picture drawn by class 6th girls
Tags: peace, Ismail Swati, world
ismailswati Painting
Sharing Maple Syrup With The World Kindergarten and Grade One students in Moonstone, Ontario Canada collaborated with students from Koahsuing Taiwan to create a video that brings them all together in the spirit of friendship, sharing and belonging together.
Tags: maple syrup, sharing, inclusión, belonging, canada, taiwan
Winnisk Mixed Media
The World is Hungry for LOVE! By: Alia Elmarakaby With all the violence going around and the non-rest status together with the exhausted planet earth, this photo poster calls for more love and connecting peacefully with everyone.
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The End of the World The end of the world is coming, and instead of stopping it, humans are bringing it closer. Artists: Marco Antonio and Perez Poma
SanaMaqbool Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Clean Up the World 2013 Celebrates 20 years in Dubai Honored at Award Ceremony
simvedvyas Photography, Colour