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Youth and their role in Good Governance Youth comment on Good Governance and how they can influence in Guyana

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Just Woods to Build Their Home - Grace Wu 2012 Canadian Winner - CWF "Get to Know" Contest "Just Woods to Build Their Home” Grace Wu Age 10 Coquitlam, BC
JulieGao Painting
People of Karendanda read newspapers in CICs in their free time! Community Information Center(CIC), Karendanda has been establsihed by Nepal Rural Information Tehcnology Development Society(NRIDS) in 2004. This CIC is placed in the center of KArendanda village. People while they pass by for their daily works just chek with this center whether there is any local as well as national news, new announcements etc....
sudiparyal Photography, Colour
Students introduce their parents with their achievements Students introduce their parents with their achievements (Karshi school #34)
NatalyaHamidova Photography, Colour
Animals and their role they play in enviromental stability Animals play an important role in the ecosystem and the protection of endangered species is of great importance so as not to wipe out a particular species and create an imbalance in the ecosystem.
leroibba Sculpture
Answer their queries! When I look at this picture, I imagine the uestion I used to ask myself when I was his age. These qustion are such as,"when will I be able to talk to people about issues concerning us?", I never knew that I would be much more interested in the environment. May be this face is also asking the same question. It was taken in Baringo district near...
erioch Photography, Colour
Pillars and their crowns at the Luxor Temple If you are standing inside the Luxor Temple's colosseum, and direct your view upwards, you should be stunned by the size of the pillars, and by the size of the horizontal granite beam carried by each row of pillars.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
Masters Of Their Own Destinies We, in the West, enjoy the right to speak, vote, and have all manner of political freedoms, but does this directly translate into real empowerment. Is it just another way of isolating us from a much more raw, literal interpretation of empowerment?
benjee Mixed Media
Youth Enriching Their Community A big question has always been standing tall, which is will the world ever get better, but the answer is not far as it resides in you and I.
simoncares Photography, Colour
Rot Their Minds This is supposed to be a representation of the moral panic created by the media about the damage done to children by the music they listen to. This is arguably more sculpture work than photography.
unnamedunknown Photography, Colour
Walking in their footsteps Buying bread is a habit practicing around the world. In Paris is cool see that big "Baguette" in the hands of someone. He's Daniel and his baguette in "Ourq-Paris Nord" neighbourhood. Originally sized jumbo. Took by a damaged Fuji camera in August 2003.
Latin Photography, Colour