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There for Haiti The “There for Haiti” International Video Conference invites you to submit artwork that demonstrates how young Canadians, from the Pacific to the Arctic to the Atlantic Oceans, are “There for Haiti.” In addition to sharing your work on the online Global Gallery, a select group of students will have the opportunity to share what their art means...
TakeMeThere! Landscape rendering a la Dexter! TakeMeThere showcases places that exist only in your imagination. Take a look and dream of things that can not be! More to come so stay tuned!

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There Is Still Time... We need to start acting really quickly, as there is less and less time to reverse the results of climate changes.
silwen Markers
There is a light that never goes out The light bulb with a tree inside has a double meaning. Inside the light bulb we have a tree with a green, healthy side and a burnt side representing the global warming and its damages. In addition, the light bulb can also refer to alternative sources of energy that can be more sustainable and better for our planet.
Tags: environment, forest, fire, extreme weather, rising temperatures
JEJD-MAT Collage
There is beauty in every day. BE INSPIRED! I realise that with all of our busy lives sometimes we forget to stop and just admire how beautiful our earth is. So I’m hoping to send a message to remind us to appreciate what’s around us, but I’m also sending a message to inspire people. Today was my first day joining this website and I want to encourage everyone to help make a change-every...
Tags: environment, nature, activism, climate change, #savetheplanet, earth, green, Decarbonize, global warming, climate action, trees, life, #actnow
Sophia_123 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Where There is Love... In the spring of 2020, Reel Youth facilitated the "Remember This" virtual film program. Participants used film as a tool to reflect on how COVID 19 resulted into social distancing, isolation, and on our changing connections with each other and the land we live on, and create art of this moment.
YouthMedia Mixed Media
There is Still Time for Change This art work has significant supymbolism behind it. It represents how time is running out and the importance of saving the beauty left in earth. Moreover, the top shows how we still have hope to change but time is running out, shown by the bottom of the hourglass. This shows the need of action, time for change.
Tags: climate action, hope
Isagonzalez23 Markers
There is Still for Change There is signing UCSF symbolism behind this art. At the bottom hoyrglass you can see how we are running out of time, and how the top of the hourglass representing earth’s beauty is going down into horrific problems. However, because there is still beautiful nature left on the hourglass, it represents how we have time to take action and make a...
Tags: climate change, time for action
Isagonzalez23 Markers
Without rain there are no rivers Rosales Torres Asiel
Tags: rain
ciencias-gcarrion Drawing, Pencil-crayon
When there is too much heat, the animals die Guevara Gonzales Maroni - 2nd Grade Primary
ciencias-gcarrion Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Where There is no Electricty Author: Vivian Ayitey Organization: World Partners for Development Ghana If you have electricity then thank your God. Over 1.2 billion people - 20% of the world's population - are still without access to electricity worldwide, almost all of whom live in developing countries. This includes about 550 million in Africa, and over 400 million in...
ayv Photography, Colour
There is always a women in nature Paper pencil drawing. It was drawn on a canvas with the colour purple.
Tags: raneem fares
raneem1 Drawing, Pencil