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Sanitation to all construct toilets Artist(s): Manshi Shendey Organization: Community Development Centre The project sanitation to all is planned to raise awareness on sanitation issues, There is huge problem to women due to unavailability of sanitation is rural and urban slums. This project worked at the community level also, children's raised this issue and designed posters and...
ayv Photography, Colour
The Long Gun Registry Battle Scrapping the Long Gun Registry has been a debatable topic for quite some time now in Canada. Canada’s Firearms Act was amended in 1995, requiring all owners of hunting rifles and shotguns to obtain a license and register each firearm. By January 1, 2003, all guns were to be registered. The guns that were classified as “non-restricted” were...
Tags: registry, battle, firearms, debate, ceramic, toilet, messy
artrageous Sculpture
A natural toilet - Con village - Nhatrang - Vietnam This is a natural toilet. People are not provided any water sluice or any services to help them reject wastes. That means they don’t have toilets and eliminate everything to the sea – under their houses.
tnthienanh Photography, Colour
jenergy Photography, Black and White
Missing Toilet This photo was taken between classes at the Education Building on campus (College of Charleston). I happened to go in the handi-capped stall, which was originally two stalls, but one toilet was taken out to make room. This is the picture of that large stall to document how upping tuition 20% apparently does not go to maintenance of the...
melanie Photography, Digitally Manipulated