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Touching those afflicted We as humans would all like to leave our mark on the world, yet most leave only a blink. This wonderful lady not only changed her world, but the world of those who touched her.

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1200's Record.
Tags: 5 senses, touch, sca, photography, sy
ericseen Photography, Colour
at first touch
TIGstaff Photography, Colour
Carrots Computer Graphics
Gorilla Touch Not of the finest quality, but this scene is quite moving on its own.
darker-depths Photography, Colour
One Inch to Touch...
sofya Photography, Colour
Touch and Die Assorted things I’ve collected. Each one has a special meaning to me.
crimsonfairy Drawing, Charcoal
murillo Photography, Digitally Manipulated
His Touch This painting has a more religious tone. I wanted to show the link between Heaven and Earth, God and Man. The touch of God is sought out by Man, His touch is His approval. This painting embodies those qualities. And I think it is a positive light shed on religion in a time of hardship.
Purplepalette04 Mixed Media