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Budapest traditional foods

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Ghana's Traditional Kente Cloth Author: Emmanuel Marfo Organization: World Partners for Development Ghana One of our exhibition piece, Ghana Kente Cloth. Kente was developed in the 17th Century A.D by the Ashantis in Ghana, West Africa. Kente is a hand woven material, and is used not only for its beauty but also for its symbolic significance. Kente pieces are bought by many...
ayv Photography, Colour
Traditional Arabian Gulf fishing/cargo boats Traditional Arabian Gulf fishing/cargo boats..
Tags: doha, قطر, qatar, old, لولوه, pearl, ship
Mariam95 Photography, Colour
APPARAT Moroccan Costume Scenery in Moroca with young girl dressing in traditional clothes
Tags: morocco, tradition, costume, tribal, girl, africa, north
ReneBrichaux Drawing, Pastel
Cooking the Traditional Way Urban people in Asia still practice cooking using dried woods. Food is tastier and made faster.
Tags: food, traditional cooking
heifezi Photography, Colour
Our culture through infant eyes Very sincere and optimist young child!
Tags: youth, smile, hope, love, culture, tradition, clothes
Hafedhbenmiled Photography, Colour
Religous Traditions This young girl will soon follow her mom by wearing a burka instead of a hijab (something she doesn't want to do)
ms-Monisha Computer Graphics
traditional hurt
magyc Flash Animation
Palestinian Culture-Traditional Wedding
areej Painting
tresses traditionnelles Lancinet Sangaré
mariesperance Photography, Digitally Manipulated
chaise traditionnelle Fatoumata Diallo
mariesperance Photography, Digitally Manipulated