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Sohril Tribe lady The statue depicts a woman from the Sohril Tribe in Gambia. It was made in 2011 with mahogany wood.
Tags: art, artwork, statue, craft, oeuvre, objet, object, afrique, africa, femme, tribu, woman, tribe, sohril, gambia, gambie, 2011, bois, wood, acajou, mahogany, lady, africancrafts
kml29 Sculpture
Tribe Symbol
WildFlower Painting
Three Tribe of Nigeria This is the Three Tribe of Nigeria how was occur in this work. Drum (Iya Ilu) stand for Yorubas Second one like Guiter stand for Hausa Three one stand for Igbo At the back cover with Flag of Nigeria and joy for all Nigerian.
femlad Ink, Brush
A Ugandan model from Banyankole tribe The piece shown is of Banyankole tribe.It shows generally how beatiful their in that once they put on nice clothes thier beaty increases.
sadatedriss Sculpture
Youth Tribes - In a Hyde Park The return of ancient communities showed in a western park of London... An amazing image that thinking youths tribes in the oldie "Woodstock". I used a Fuji camera. Originally jumbo size.
Latin Photography, Colour
Mountain tribes in Northern Luzon of Philippines Traveling to the northern part of the island Luzon will bring you not only to beautiful landscapes with amazing rice terraces. It will bring you also to the regions with remote villages and colorful and traditional living upland tribal communities. Their ancestors constructed the fascinating rice terraces with the perfect working irrigation...
nujoicat Collage