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Turkey CEAL-1 paper cutting
Cindea Mixed Media
Different Face of Turkey ALANYA TURKEY
uswordfish Photography, Colour
Paprika Turkey in "Bogracs" This picture was taken by me in our garden last Spring, as we were making paprika turkey over an open fire. It was made in a large metal cauldron called 'bogracs' in Hungarian. The paprika turkey is made in a similar way as the paprika chicken, it is seasoned with the typical sweet red Hungarian paprika. This dish is best made of turkey legs or...
eszter Photography, Colour
Pigeon Houses, Cappadokia, Turkey It's the marvellous nature of the soft rocks indeginous to Cappadokia, Anatolia, Turkey. Standing there makes you feel outside our known earth as if in a Science fiction space. The rocks lose 2cm of their surface every year due to erosion, which makes them more and more valuable to World Natural Heritage.
jrh000 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
kalkan - turkey
obaykal Computer Graphics