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Images from Uganda The exhbit is about the shots that i take as I travel the various parts of Uganda, my mother-land. They depict the nature, environment, social life and aspect as well as the economy
WOODEN SCULPTURE OF BOTH ROUND AND RELIEFS FROM UGANDA The exhibition is about the promotion of my art.Since my government do not take much concern about promotion of youth talents therefore most of youth here in Uganda do not take part in creativities.Young people possisbly children are found in streets moving around because they believe their government is not gonna suport them.Another thing is...

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Bugoye Children Advocacy & Life Planning Organization Bucalpo Uganda is a Children Advocacy & Life Planning Organization caring for Orphans and Vulnerable Children and empowering them through Education and Skill development programs
Tags: bucalpo, uganda
BucalpoUganda Painting
Multifunctional Ceramic art pieces.(Uganda) The peace of Art is a multi-funtional made out of Clay.It serves as a flower pot and table-lampstand.
David120 Sculpture
Uganda We need to be organised such that Peace can prevail at all times.
trishforpeace Painting
Elgon youth brass band mbale uganda The band during performance.
Tags: elgon, youth, brass, band, mbale, uganda
ELGON Photography, Colour
Elgon youth brass band mbale uganda. The band playing CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT, with there music taped on the wall cze it has got no music stands to hold the music but they keep on moving in devoloping there talent. The band is also supported by a UK charity organisation called MUSEQUALITY big thanks to David Juritz and the all staff.
Tags: vts, 01
ELGON Photography, Colour
tandrew 3D Graphics
CHILDREN IN A DIPSPLACED CAMP-UGANDA Children in northern Uganda in their new home. (A people's displaced camp) Children's rights have been greatly abused as a result of the civil war that has gone on for over 20 years.
tandrew 3D Graphics
Ever thought of Relaxing??????? Ssese Islands in Uganda is the Place Life is what u make it, think of a Holiday pliz..........
qax47 Photography, Colour
A Ugandan model from Banyankole tribe The piece shown is of Banyankole tribe.It shows generally how beatiful their in that once they put on nice clothes thier beaty increases.
sadatedriss Sculpture
Uganda Arua Videotheque
toddlester Photography, Colour