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Submissions (11)

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MY UNDERSTANDING OF BELONGING(THE GEESE FAMILY) Whenever I think of belonging,the geese family comes to my mind.To me it simply means being part of a group that accepts you as you are like in the case of the geese family.They always move together and at no given time will you find one on its own.The above drawing done by me shows the geese family .We should embrace the same element so that...
kerubock Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Our Understanding by Esther Ayo Mogaji Understanding will aid togetherness which will in turn be our strength in accomplishing anything we need
TIGstaff Photography, Digitally Manipulated
far understanding shape,race,color,creed,background,short,tall,etc.. Competition breeds understanding, one must understand his opposition to establish a common ground.
mataeus Painting, Acrylic
Misunderstanding My focus is discrimination through ignorance and misunderstanding. My painting is in the form of a diptych, exploring two aspects of the Muslim culture. On the left shown is the true beauty of Islam, portrayed through architecture, designs and calligraphy. On the right, there is a woman in a hijab, but a closer view reveals a bullet in her mouth...
RifatKhimani Painting, Acrylic
Ambassadors for Dialogue In this picture you see a Christian Dane and a Muslim Egyptian. The moment we met is very specail to me. We have nothing in common and though we share love and trust which leads us to dialogue and a common understanding. Anaa uhibki yaa Nadia!
Tags: dialogue, understanding, love, trust, global, youth, culture, religion
cola Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Peace through Understanding Created by students aged 14 at Zalishchyky Gymnasia in Zalishchyky, Ukraine.
PTPIGYM Painting
Peace through Understanding: Listen and You Shall Hear Created by students age 18 at Srednja Skola Oroslavje in Hrvatska, Croatia. Winner, Global Youth Murals Project 2006
Look for UNDERSTANDING Young people look with fresh vision toward the future and hold the key to our planet's survival!
naturesfriend Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Peace Through Understanding Created by students age 13 years old at Gloria Mt. Sinai School in Accra, Ghana. Winner, Global Youth Murals Project 2004.
PTPIGYM Painting
Children of Misunderstanding Why should our children suffer from our actions? We have a responsability - any consequences that stem from our actions will affect the future. We should have a look at the long-term instead of our immediate concerns.
sfacets Photography, Digitally Manipulated