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The unique Kpalogo Drum This is how the drum looks like. It is unique in appearance. The body of the instrument is a sculture blog of wood. The body is designed with traditional symbols. The are usually six woods hooking down the leather and are called pecks. The pecks helps to tune the right sound. The drum have cultural and social values. Some of which include...
Tags: unique
solidrockassoc Sculpture
Unique Diversity of Indian Culture Culture of India is vast
raghav7 Photography, Colour
Joy spreading through the Universe As the color of Joy spreads through the Universe, it changes every atomic particle into Light, Love and Peace.
Tags: abstract, movement, unique, new world
hufata Painting, Acrylic
Unique as a Fingerprint The connection between a fingerprint and a face is all too apparent in this drawing. It shows the uniqueness of humanity and yet anyone can see themselves as the face. We are all unique yet the same.
Tags: fingerprint, portrait, face
friday13th777 Ink, Pen
Reach for the Sky It depicts a magical creature a child would like to be. The rainbow depicts a Promise made between parent & child that each other will always be thinking of each other in their hearts. It is to show hope and faith, to fight the odds, to illuminate hope and be noted in the darkness. The reeds from the earth and the pegasus glow in the dark with...
Tags: unique, lifechanging, reaching, sky, rainbow, hope, spirit, glow
Skylar Mixed Media
my unique art work fishhh
ayenaaz Ink, Pen
my unique art work unique art
ayenaaz Ink, Pen
genève (unique vue de l'europe)
aymentn Print
sacessario Painting, Oil
Uniqueness In A World of Conformity The 'world of conformity' are the 1's and 0's... The 'uniqueness' is how you see these 1's and 0's as different. A computer sees women, men and children alike as just that - 1's and 0's, but it's women who face stereotyping and comformist attitudes the most i think.
lukieh Computer Graphics