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Utopia: A place where we are all happy and feel loved. A future where everything is perfect; where our environment is beautiful. Created using AI.
globalgallery Computer Graphics
Utopía Life shortly after manufacturing capitalism got better, but eventually relying on our economy on machines and industrialization had to come with repercussions like climate change, revolutions, exploitations, etc etc. Manufacturing capitalism paved the way to new social classes like the proletariat and the businessman, these two being the most...
globalgallery Computer Graphics
Pollution and Planes The left describes the current situation, covering the issues of littering and pollution from planes. The right side is utopian with more trees, solar panelled houses and roof top gardens on apartments.
Tags: utopia, change
SamBhiraju Mixed Media
Disutopia This video was made as part of the AYV program at Changchun American International School. "A short film depicting a dystopian future scenario somewhere in the world."
ayv Mixed Media
virtual utopia goes bonkers
Donohue20 Mixed Media
Utopia "This landscape of a country side in Canada is set in the Maritimes. This utopic scene portrays the beauty that our country possesses in its quiet and pastoral setting. It conveys a feeling of serenity in a location where Canada
Celina Painting