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One of the most serious environmental problems in Vietnam Throwing untreated litter into garbage dumps and burying them is just a selfish and silly method, and one just think for present, just think for ourselves when we do that.
vuhaitruong Print
vietnam: halong bay the gorgeous, tranquil halong bay
Tags: spob, laura carolan, vietnam, halong bay
spob Photography, Colour
vietnam - cause and effect "vietnam, cause and effect"- 1988 the deviate ideal of machismo come home to roost; [ another father has failed.]... height -69 inches -diameter -36 inches... "vietnam; 1967" note: this is the text placed on the base of the piece... from 1956 to 1967, stanley and i had been first and best friends... little boys growing up together,...
transcenderarts Mixed Media
Vietnamese Contemporary Arts The old man
batmanbegins Painting, Acrylic
Nhatrang - Vietnam 5 stars Sunrise hotel- People can see the luxury life with high living standards.
tnthienanh Photography, Colour
NhaTrang-Vietnam Three or four years ago, when I said good bye to the students in my high school, they said that I was very lucky because I could see a “Sea flower” building be finished - which was expected to be a sign of the city. However, until now, it still isn't finished. It is ugly and ridiculous. The state paid more than 18 billion VND but they said...
tnthienanh Photography, Colour
Vinpearl-Nhatrang - Vietnam The 5 starts Vinpear land resort which was built in 2006 is the best pride there. However, not many people know that to build the beautiful and big place like that on an island, 2 hectares of gravelly soil was poured under the sea, how much did it destroy the sea evironment?
tnthienanh Photography, Colour
Con village - Nhatrang - Vietnam Children are living with marshies and rubbish
tnthienanh Photography, Colour
The kitchen - Con village - Nhatrang - Vietnam This is a small kitchen in a house.
tnthienanh Photography, Colour
Con village - Nhatrang - Vietnam People have difficult lives. This women is rowing a boat to go home which is a small house in stilts near the sea.
tnthienanh Photography, Colour