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Submissions (40)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Double Vision A doodle made in class that turned out unexpectedly meaningful.
Miranda-Zhou Drawing, Pencil
Personal vision Geometric decoration
ZeinabAhmedAli Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Oriental vision Ornament
ZeinabAhmedAli Drawing, Pastel
Challenge and Achivement - The Vision A challenge begins with a vision.
Tags: vision, leadership, achievement, goals, love
diana7 Ink, Pen
The Vision It is all over the world. I chose Wake Island only because I like the name. Italian because it is the language of song. It is a vision of humanity together as one family. A Wake up humanity and sing dream come true!
clarita Mixed Media
Potatovision-3 UN International Year of Potato: Do you know that potato was a reason of many international events, including at least one industrial revolution, two potato wars, and one potato riot?
Roness Collage
Potatovision-2 UN International Year of Potato: Do you know that people in Ireland eat more potato than any other people in the world? :) Probably, they like it even more as potato can turn GREEN in the bright light!
Roness Collage
Potatovision-1 UN International Year of Potato: Do you know that what is thought to be a Russian national symbol - potato - was first called here a "ground apple" and even a "devil's apple" and treated with hostility? :) By the way, potato is also a genetic "relative" of tomato and a semantic "relative" of truffles!
Roness Collage
vision oil on canvas synthesies of expresionsm and symbolism
IrenaGap Painting, Oil
Cows - Division Las personas que toman la leche de la vaca - división, terminan separándose
NAKATA Cartoons