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Support Iran: Our Votes Iran's Elections! 12 june 2009 Where is my free cat?! ---------------------------- از فراز بامهاشان شاد دشمنانم موزيانه خنده هاي فتحشان بر لب بر من آتش بجان ناظر در پناه اين مشبک شب من بهر سو مي دوم گريان از اين بيداد مي کنم فرياد ، اي فرياد
Pedram Computer Graphics
Your Vote Counts. Periodic and genuine elections are a necessary and indispensable element of sustained efforts to protect the rights and interests of the people governed. Democracy, simply put, is a system of government under which the people exercise their governing power directly or through representatives periodically elected by themselves. Voting is your...
ekwuruke Photography, Digitally Manipulated