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What if bombs were flowers...Dare to Reshape our wars. I dare our government to bombard countries with flowers.
globalgallery Computer Graphics
The Awkward Laugh They were asked to come together for a picture, but they had to make it seem as if they were in love...they sat next to each other, looked at each other, then that awkward moment. Which made me realized, that every moment shared with another counts and it brings joy to the heart. (Urgent Inc / F.A.C.E)
Tags: #UrgentInc, #faceinterns, #awkwardness, #joeylamar, #thechildrentrust, #themimifoundation, #takingitglobal
woodnicolas22 Photography, Colour
Blue whale, Warm climate This is a student's artwork about environmental pollution with human waste entering the ocean and leading to global climate change.
Tags: Decarbonize, climate changes, ocean, plastic, pollution
sjflynn Collage
Polar bear vs. Global Warming Our animals are also suffering
Sofiapiva Drawing, Pencil
Consequences of global warming It’s important to know the consequences to our actions and what they can do to our planet.
Sofiapiva Drawing, Pencil
Global Warming is Not What We Want I drew a picture to show that the world will be dry and the sky full of pollution if we have global warming, The beautiful green and blue planet is the one I keep clean. I share my indigenous knowledge of the land when I make and read maps.
AlisonSpear Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Global warming People are not aware that their actions have consequences on the global warming. We invite you to stop burning our planet!
santak Painting, Watercolour
Stop global warming We have shown a baby polar bear holding an umbrella, sitting on his mother. They are trying to protect themselves from the strong rays of the sun. The hot colours are showing the extreme heat.
Tags: environment, climate change, ocean awareness, global warming, Suncity School
clannapurna Painting, Acrylic
Global Warming The people in the drawing are showing that factories are one of the main causes of global warming.
ckarsgaard Painting
Global Warming The earth needs to have trees to make it beautiful and a good place for human beings to live in. Cutting trees is a threat to our planet. We need to conserve our environment in our daily lives.
ckarsgaard Painting