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Global warming How to tackle Global warming
Tags: #globalwarming
clannapurna Mixed Media
The skiing of global warming Last winter there was not very much snow so we could not ski as much. Our winter is becoming shorter and it is impacting the sport.
MacDonaldA Drawing, Crayon
The Fire of Global Warming The earth is upset because it is covered in oil, garbage, and money causing it to heat up.
MacDonaldA Mixed Media
Global Warming Can you see...
MartinNtlhe Computer Graphics
Global warming Today, power and money are the most important values. Preserve earth is less. Ask yourself if you make the right choices.
amarois Drawing, Crayon
Global warming This is a poster I made to raise awareness to global warming. It represents a Polar bear on a melting iceberg, with a dried out background. Let's hope well will never get that far.
Julie1606 Collage
global-warming-criticism. THE CURRENT SITUATION IN GHANA “'Climate change” scientists abroad has predict that the southern part of Africa will become hotter and drier as climate change intensifies. This will result in severe water stress in most of the country. As an artist, have critical noticed that most of the communities around the coastal areas are experiencing...
attukwei Sculpture
Global Warming 20x30" acrlic Painting
Tags: ---
renubaheti Painting, Oil
Global Warming This is my student, Alice's drawing. If we don't take action now, we will face the disaster that we caused.
Tags: global warming, globalwarming, climatechange
Cindea Drawing, Pencil-crayon
How Much Time We Had ??!! 2 kids watching the future and wondering how much time we had to face this !!
Tags: climate change, global warming, warm, sun, bad weather, kids, wonder, how
butterfly30 Collage