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field trip to Sungui Buloh Wet land Reserve, singapore

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Save Wetland of J&K Artist(s): Nadeem Qadri Organization: Youth Parliament of J&K Save Garhana Wetland is a Campaign Started by the Participants of AYV Program...
ayv Photography, Colour
Poetry Park Wetlands, Chengdu City
airmail Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The wet day Well , this is just my own creativity; a raptor is with an umbrella to protect itself from rain. Wonder shall never end if God is own our side.
TOPE1 3D Graphics
Pemba Wete
toddlester Photography, Colour
Wet Umbrella Walking on the beach is fun, rain or shine.
bledsoeart Painting, Watercolour
Wettin you carry? (Who are you?) The work is done on an A4 paper (Pen and water color wash/Photoshop). Against the backdrop of happenings in Madrid, Spain, where a train derailed due to bomb explosions, I use this work to ask every young person around the world the question:
nigerianpaintingtour Cartoons
Soweto in Pictures Hector Peterson Memorial Square in Orlando-West (Soweto) where the first student died during the 1976 Student Uprising, in protest against Afrikaans being compulsary medium of instruction at all schools in South Africa.
cybernation Photography, Colour
Soweto in Pictures Water-coolers located in Orlando-East (Soweoto) were used for hydro eletricity to supply the rest of Johannesburg & stopped operation in 1995.
cybernation Photography, Colour