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Coming to the Surface - By Noreen Acrylic on canvas. This mid coast style killer whale is shown surfacing the water and blowing. The face in the whale’s tale resembles that of a human, symbolizing the belief that whales are closely related to humans, as told in the traditional stories of many northwest coast cultures.
Tags: whale, ocean, indigenous, pacific northwest coast, first nations, youth, painting, canadian, traditional
yskel Painting, Acrylic
Killer Whales Paper cutout. (Black origami paper and scissors).
Tags: killer whele, paper, cutout
kenjiwissen Mixed Media
Whale of an excitement I love the peacefulness of Maui ( Hawaii ). Here we were watching for whales in the harbor of Lahaina. All we had to do was watch and wait. Here a baby whale was learning about boats as its mother brought it close to shore. What powerful animals.
keithwills Photography, Colour