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MANOUQUE This painting was created during an inclusive show where people who have differences, and are seen in society to have a disability where performing there talents to show that they are also a resource in our community and that they are not only their disability. This painting was created as a collaboration between three people , myself Sophie...
Tags: landscape, inclusión, three paintings, whole, together
artistsophie Painting, Oil
The whole class on Sketchup Keys Meadow trying very hard to design their kart. Next step will be to make it :)
KeysMeadow Photography, Colour
An eye for an eye can make the whole world blind Human rights picture ..... :P thanks Ghandi
msms-Gagandeep Computer Graphics
A window into the whole world Children communicate with their parners from around the world using internet.
NatalyaHamidova Photography, Colour
I Got the Whole Word In My Hand this is a picture of the world in somebody's hand, with the TIG logo surrounding the world! we are spreading worldwide... :O)
breslin Drawing, Pastel