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Save The World and The World Will Save You I draw an Earth with half Sea-Blue and Sky-Blue because i think in the Sea-Blue part (down), the Earth it's still in a best condition like the plants is growing better, or Sea with a less litter, and but in contrast, in the Sky-Blue part (up), the Earth's condition is changing into bad. There's building everywhere, our plants can't growing...
Tags: earth, environment, art, sea
kevinayusuf Markers
Willing to Fight This is a poem written by fellow students of York University describing the situation First Nations people live in.
Tags: poem, aboriginal people, health
ysoussi19 Mixed Media
Obesity will crush you Artist(s): Montserrat Garcia Organization: Espolea Through one of the workshops provided, two young girls decided to create an image that reflected their concern on how obesity prevalence has grown in Mexico in recent years. To this end, they created this image attempting to grow conscience about what you eat everyday and the impacts this has...
ayv Photography, Colour
Constricting the Fat, by Anniken Williams A sculpture where the corset represents the expectations of people to be skinny but the fattening foods are keeping people from this expectation.
resa51 Sculpture
The American Women, by Anniken Williams A sculpture to compare the lives and hobbies of the middle class American woman and the upper class American woman.
resa51 Sculpture
Deathly Pollution, by Anniken Williams A black turtle and other un-recyclable objects that represent how we are solely responsible for pollution which can result in the tragic death of a living thing.
resa51 Sculpture
Parkside Will Help There Community.This Is A Start.
LawrenceBruce Photography, Colour
We All Will Lend a Hand
LawrenceBruce Photography, Colour
I am optimist some words in arabic artistic scripts expressing hope, optimism and willing to change.
Tags: hope, optimist, will, change, volunteer
Hafedhbenmiled Drawing, Pencil
it's will be to you I drew this horse for someone special for me
justbe2free Drawing, Pencil