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Window on the Information Society A revolution is taking place and you are an inevitable part of it. People, ideas, issues, and cities are interdependent, and they are being connected at unprecedented speeds. Distances are narrowing and horizons expanding, as access to the world is constantly at our fingertips. Today, human beings are submerged in an era of knowledge,...

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Did they mean to leave it like this? This is not fake, this shop window really was left like this.
Tags: tom, laine, maniquin, statues, leaning, sit, sat, model, limbless, naked, erotic, window, shop
catflap108 Photography, Colour
View from my window That's what i see from my window;)
urssulasss Photography, Colour
window of life
dixxieland Photography, Colour
نافذتي الخضراء - My Green Window نافذتي الخضراء.. The photo express a nature in small country in Aman - Jordan, this is my Green Window
suad Photography, Digitally Manipulated
A window into the whole world Children communicate with their parners from around the world using internet.
NatalyaHamidova Photography, Colour
Window To The World
benn Photography, Colour
Window To The World 2
benn Photography, Colour
Window To The World 3
benn Photography, Colour
Window Looks like a window of the nature.
Pinkiehn Photography, Digitally Manipulated
From The Bedroom Window The first morning I woke up and looked out of the window, this is what I saw. Snow had fallen during the night. Welcome to Baltic Europe.
Rapscallion Photography, Colour