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Wisdom Vs. World Only humans, even animals have been blessed with WISDOM. If every person on this planet becomes aware of it through his/her knowledge there will be absolutely no conflicts. Everywhere PEACE will prevail.
Tags: \peace everywhere\
crgujjar Painting, Acrylic
NYC 422 This is a shot from Downtown NYC
Tags: nyc, wisdom, knowledge, zeus
Liamjod Photography, Colour
The embryo of Wisdom Sculpture based on driftwood and "pigmentary Impregnation" technique
Tags: embryo of wisdom, albertus van wyk, driftwood, pigmentary impregnation
artcore Sculpture
"Women of Wisdom"
Ranna Painting, Acrylic
Mnemonics for wisdom Medium: Charcoal on Paper Size: 6"x8" Culture: Yoruba Artist: Adisa'biola Desciption Within the canon of culture, oral tradition in form of folktales teach both young and old a lot of lessons. In this case, in a synopsis, the tortoise,Ijapa, known to be very wise was said to take the mighty elephant to a false kingship throne. The...
adisart Drawing, Charcoal
Sista Wisdom (1999) 'Acrylic on Canvas.' -KD
Keina Painting, Acrylic