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Kayla Young- Berkeley Carroll

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No One Believes Us Because We Are Young We're killing the earth and that's really fun. /s
tgodwald Collage
Dear Younger Self Hi, I am currently an intern at Urgent, Inc. and this piece is something that I hold so dearly to myself and want others to connect to as well. The purpose of my art is to show others how to communicate with their inner child and feed it with love/assurity. We sometimes allow social interactions to stop us from freeing ourselves from the things...
Tags: #FACE, #UrgentInc, #Words, #Power, #Growth
shacarahbraddy Mixed Media
A Message to a Younger Me I am an intern at Urgent Inc. and this video is meant to be a way for me to learn and document my own personal growth. As I grow older and experience more milestones and breakthroughs, I want to be able to share it with others so that they can also have the opportunity to learn and grow.
Tags: advice, message, youth, younger self, face, Urgent Inc.
ch_ade Mixed Media
What belonging means for Malagasy Young People 30 young people share their view and ideas about belonging
YouthFirst Photography, Colour
Young driver We're happy drivers,we can fly in the sky! Zhang Jiaying张珈荧
sharklin Computer Graphics
Young Professional Development Program (YPDP) Within the dynamic world fluctuates as fast as it is, how do we best ensure young people are prepared for successfully becoming global citizens. After complete the program, Vietnamese trainees are expected to be knowledgeable about the world’s affairs, communicate effectively with representatives from several cultures and create their bright...
Tags: young
vlcdc Painting
Young People defending Human Rights By: Eugenia Flores Arango This image was inspired in a workshop of human rights, particularly about sexual and reproductive rights. Many young people attended it like me. I was aware the relevance of knowing our rights and the power we have if we know them. It doesn`t matter who and how you are, if you know your rights you are able to defend...
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Blue Sweet Shoot A Young Ballet Dancer in the revelation of spotlight, limelight in a blue american night
Tags: limelight, ballet, rat, dancer, young, girl, blue, night
ReneBrichaux Drawing, Pastel
Young Blossoms - Melissa Tan 2012 Canadian Winner - CWF "Get to Know" Contest “Young Blossoms” Melissa Tan Age 12 London, ON
JulieGao Photography, Colour
A Young Man A young man with a bright future.
mpgruner Drawing, Pencil