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my land and yours this exhibit is some photos of israel that i took while my sister and I were there this past winter.

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Believe in yourself. Believe in yourself with full energy.
Tags: graphicdesign
mridulcharles Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The choice is yours... Art by students of grade 7, Suncity School, India. Description: We need to choose the path we want to follow; a destructive or a constructive way to the future.
Tags: india, Suncity School, clean and green, environment, climate change, global warming
clannapurna Mixed Media
Show Yourself This image is of a mask emerging from the darkness. Symbolizing how we should not be afraid to show our true selves. Many of us hide in the darkness, we hide from our fears and what is deemed strange and different. Instead we should embrace our differences. In that way, the world will be a much brighter and colourful place. We should all feel...
michsinggih Drawing, Chalk
Yours Truly When one finds a true sense of belonging, he/she is able to see life through a new perspective because he/she no longer has to question his/her own existence and instead, seek greater truths about the world in which surrounds him/her.
Tags: world, love, friendship, belong, inspire, dream, art, paint, oil pastel, beautiful, life, live
anniechenster Mixed Media
Be Yourself a collage of my paintings.. "16x20",framed
Tags: mixed, media, painting, colorful, collage
Duygukivanc Painting, Acrylic
Mi campo mi vida y la tuya,My land my life and yours Distriucion de leche ya no en burro sino en Motodistriucion milk no longer a donkey but motorbike
german Photography, Colour
Express yourself
girlesau Mixed Media
Naturally Yours In the world of today's progression and urbanisation, where most forestation and greenery were destroyed to make way for new modern skyscrapers. Stop and behold...for there's beauty in nature..back to the basic...
depth009 Photography, Colour
Finding Yourself
yaelhelen Painting, Acrylic
Be Yourself Although this picture seems to preach only the existence of beauty without any make-up, it actually adresses the global issue about young people mutilating their bodies and falling prey to eating disorders or fashion trends in order to emulate show-business stars or other popular people.
ruxanda Photography, Colour