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Zoo Enclosures
Toronto Metro Zoo 2006 My 3 day trip to the Toronto Metro Zoo, exploring animal behaviour and equality.
Zoo Metro Toronto Zoo

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Let's make it a happy ending story. You can see it in his eyes. Feel with them.
Tags: animal, lion, prisoner, rights, feel, heart, iraq, zoo
Andam Photography, Black and White
Close the zoo Artist(s): Rafa Pedro Donnarumma Organization: Agenda Global Siglo 21 There's an active youth movement with the objective to close the city zoo. The facebook site We try to express the ideas and feelings of the community and the youth regarding this topic.
ayv Photography, Colour
Close the zoo There is an active youth movement with the objective to close the city zoo in Argentina. The image aims to express the ideas and feelings of the community, especially youth, regarding the closure of the zoo.
Tags: etiket ekle
pegaht Photography, Colour
Crossing the Maara River This painting depicts the famous annual Maara crossing, when animals migrate from Tanzania to Kenya. This painting is available at:
Tags: animals, zebras, wildebeests, mammals, zoo, art, paintings, africa, kenya, nature, arts
mutan Painting, Oil
Leopard relaxing on a branch This a painting of a Leopard, it depicts the the beauty of Africa's vast beauty of wildlife.Available at:
Tags: leopard, africa, art, zoo, painting, cats, animals, safari, kenya
mutan Painting, Oil
My beautiful South East Asia research work and experience ends at Singapore Zoo Such a magnificent simple entrance. This took my breath away.
GarethOConnor Photography, Colour
Ashes, the Hairless Chimpanzee in Mysore Zoo This was taken during my recent trip to Mysore. I was really surprised and sad to see this lone chimp wandering around in his enclosure...Being different makes it very difficult to survive in a social similar to us humans who ostracize people who are different from the so called 'normal'....
Tags: kerala, chimpanzee, mysore, environment, conservation
anuriandima84 Photography, Colour
Zoology and Pasture area
intelligentcop Photography, Black and White
Zoom Endless zoom
moustafahussein Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Zoo Rock
pscornerstone Photography, Colour